The Mixed Economy That Should Have Been

from Court Dorsey, Project Unspeakable playwright

Many Democratic commentators tell us that Bernie Sanders is unelectable, because he
identifies as a “democratic socialist.”  But if JFK had lived, a man who was already
searching for a mixed economy that could heal the divides underlying the Cold War
between socialist and capitalist countries, if Malcolm X had continued with his support
for revolutions, like the Cuban revolution, which espoused the economic rights of all
people, if Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had survived, with their focus on poor
people and the injustices of income inequality in the United States – if these men had
lived, we might already have a political system in which the views of Bernie Sanders
would be the norm.

The Donald Trump presidency is the result of a divisive politics, of capital domination, of
competitive advantage and a winner-take-all mentality that has been incubating in the
Republican party at least since the post-war Eisenhower administration in the 1950s,
when the tax rate for the top income bracket in America was over 90%.

So, let’s not pretend that Bernie Sanders is outside the mainstream of American politics.
The mainstream of American politics was diverted by the political assassinations of John
F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Rev. Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy into a swamp of
“anti-communism” of which Donald Trump is only the latest and most egregious

We share the concern of many about the need to beat Donald Trump in the 2020
presidential election. Trump is a bully. But to suppress support for any candidate that
represents an American political equality that should have been simply because they are
labelled “socialist,” would be to acquiesce to the retaliatory threats of this president and
his predecessors and Republican enablers, and to allow these four political heroes to
have died in vain.  That would be almost unspeakable.

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