Iya Bush-Olatunji hosts in Brooklyn

Iyafin A. Bush-Olatunji, wife of legendary activist and African drummer Baba Olatunji, and their daughter Modupe Olatunji-Anuku convened a reading of Project Unspeakable at the Church of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew in Brooklyn, New York on November 22.  “Iya” said of the reading, “It was a beautiful way to bring all ages and a variety of people, who live in the same city, together to do something constructive — to tell this story that must be told.  Now those readers want to host their own readings in the coming days and months.”  Iya was a long-time personal friend of both Malcolm X and his wife, Betty Shabazz.



  1. What a great pleasure it was to meet such an astounding lady her wisdom and love for god is way beyond the stars. I could not stop thing about are talk I’m thank god he put us on the same path it was by his order the we met in Murfreesboro ,Tn

  2. I want to thank Ms. Olatunji for her remarkable wisdom and guidance. I met her only once at a performance with the Spelman College Jazz Ensemble in 2011, and Ms. Olatunji gave me some great advice that I use daily “Lord, I do give thee thanks for the abundance that is mine.” Thanks so much.

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