Past Events


On 9/11, 2014, the Human Rights Advocates of Coos County held a Project Unspeakable reading at the Dolphin Playhouse in Coos Bay, Oregon. Rick Staggenborg tells reporter Tim Novotny of The Coos Bay World that the goal of the project is just to encourage people to speak.


Below is a partial list of past readings and perfomances:

10/22/2013    ​Blacksburg, VA
10/28/2013​    Redwood, CA
11/17/2013​     New York, NY



Cambridge, MA
​​Shelburne Falls, MA
​​Northampton, MA
​​Leverett, MA
​​Jamaica Plain, MA
​​Seattle, WA
​​Portland, OR
​​Nashville, TN
Columbus, GA

11/24/2013​    Chicago, IL



​Lopez Island, WA
​Amherst, MA



​Nashville, TN
​​Portland, OR


Waukesha, WI
Amherst, MA

02/28/2014​    Chicago, IL
March 2014​     Norfolk, VA (multiple)
March 2014     ​St. Petersburg, FL (multiple)
03/16/2014     ​Lopez Island, WA
04/06/2014​     Cummington, MA
04/30/2014​     Wilmington, VT
05/03/2014​     Brattleboro, VT
09/11/2014​     Coos Bay, OR
10/03/2014     Kennebunk, ME

01/14/2015     Portsmouth, NH

Some reactions from readers and audience members to readings of the Project Unspeakable script:

 “The conversation afterwards was the best part of the reading. The audience wanted to honestly discuss their thoughts, reservations, etc., and they were excited to have a forum to share.” – Virginia Tech University, VA


“It was a beautiful way to bring all ages and a variety of people, who live in the same city, together to do something constructive — to tell this story that must be told.  Now those readers want to host their own readings in the coming days and months.”  – Brooklyn, NY


“I found myself feeling more and more aghast that this actually happened and was said.” – New York City (from Margot Adler’s Nov. 30th NPR story in which she interviewed the professional actors after their reading of the “Project Unspeakable” play)


“Excellent, powerful play.  Disturbing.  Great piecing together of quotes about the national security state and the assassinations…great way to enter this history.” – Santa Cruz, CA


“This is a very important project; examining not just JFK’s murder but all four together is especially valuable. The script does this creatively and very well.” – Portland, OR


“We are very glad we did it. There was nobody who didn’t learn at least something new — in some cases mind-blowing waves of ‘unspeakable’ information and perspective. It was also a community-building exercise for the 12 readers and our wider community. We would be very interested in doing future readings.” – Cambridge, MA