“Citizenfour” — Inside story of NSA leak

“At this stage I can offer nothing more than my word. I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you is extremely high risk … This will not be a waste of your time.”  This was the first anonymous email that filmmaker Laura Poitras received from Edward […]

The Power Behind Journalist James Risen’s Story

  In case anyone needs more evidence of the power of US intelligence forces to censor the free press in order to cover up its covert activities, check out the story of James Risen as told on Fresh Air, on October 14, 2014.  Risen won the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in 2006.  As a veteran […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. with Nobel Peace Prize

50 years ago MLK awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Oct. 14th, 2014, marked the 50th year anniversary of the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, considered “the world’s most prestigious prize,” for his commitment to peace and racial justice through nonviolent action. Just 35 years old, Dr. King became the youngest male ever to receive the award. Today, […]