“Truth is Coming. It Can’t Be Stopped.”

Daniel Ellsberg and other whistleblowers have delivered an invitation to civil servants to take action: “Hidden away in offices of various government departments, intelligence agencies, police forces and armed forces are dozens and dozens of people who are very much upset by what our societies are turning into: at the very least, turnkey tyrannies… You […]

“The Only Thing We have to Fear … Is the CIA”

Ray McGovern’s thoughtful article connects the dots between the CIA, the assassination of JFK, and Obama’s timid handling of the intelligence community today, with a nod to the book by James Douglass.“In my view, the best dissection of the evidence pertaining to the murder appeared in James Douglass’s 2008 book, JFK and the Unspeakable. After […]

Milwaukee Remembers MLK with Project Unspeakable

George Paz Martin was one of the readers of Project Unspeakable at the School of the Americas on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. He was so inspired by the experience that he has brought it to his hometown of Milwaukee, where carefully selected excerpts on Martin Luther King, Jr. will be featured […]

The Idle Hour Café—Nashville Tennessee

From the Nov. 22 reading at the Idle Hour “theater” in Nashville, Tennessee: Words were misspoken, names were mispronounced but the spirit of the show was intense and magnetic and affected every single person that was there.  If we had done it at our house, with 12 of our closest friends, it would not have […]

Letter to the Editor from a Reader

Dear Editor: I was a member of the cast of Project Unspeakable in Leverett.  Over 300 people came.  Their attention and concern was electric, and the cast was electrified by it.  The subject matter was grim, the assassinations by members of the military–industrial–intelligence complex of the Kennedy brothers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, and […]

Iya Bush-Olatunji hosts in Brooklyn

Iyafin A. Bush-Olatunji, wife of legendary activist and African drummer Baba Olatunji, and their daughter Modupe Olatunji-Anuku convened a reading of Project Unspeakable at the Church of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew in Brooklyn, New York on November 22.  “Iya” said of the reading, “It was a beautiful way to bring all ages and a […]

‘Powerful …Thrilled … Inspiring’ – Reviews of 11/22 Readings

“Excellent, powerful play. Disturbing. Great piecing together of quotes about the national security state and the assassinations.” Santa Cruz, CA Redwood Nonviolence Community private living room reading “It was so powerful that it set my mind bursting with wanting to share the words and quotes from this inspiring presentation.” Audience member, School of the Americas […]

Professor Amilcar Shabazz

New Endorser: Amilcar Shabazz

We are honored to add Professor Amilcar Shabazz as an Endorser of Project Unspeakable. Prof. Shabazz is Chair of W. E. B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at University of Massachusetts/Amherst and Secretary of National Council for Black Studies. He is the author of books on racial justice and equality and the history of […]

Manifesting A Reading

Hosts Marcia Meyers and Brian Wilson and director Robert Fish talk about how they made a public reading of Project Unspeakables come to be in just two weeks. “Without apology, this is a work in progress. The cast got their scripts less than a week ago. So it may be a little raggedy around the […]

Margot Adler with Convergence Theatre Collective

Convergences Theatre Collective

The Convergences Theatre Collective hosted a reading produced by Elizabeth Stanton & Jeremy Williams. They brought together some amazing talent from the Broadway, Off-Broadway, and prominent independent theatre industry, including members of Actors Equity, to create a reading for National Public Radio. Margot Adler and Court Dorsey joined the cast in the SoHo district of Manhattan.  […]