Obama, the CIA and the Unspeakable

Remarks by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern resonates on the eve of Obama ordering strikes on Syria with no support from the American people. He believes Obama is afraid of the CIA.  “Why don’t you do the things we thought you stood for?” Obama turned sharply and said, “Don’t you remember what happened to Martin […]

Fellowship of Reconciliation promotes Project Unspeakable

The Fellowship of Reconciliation article Ethan Vesekly-Flad of FOR attended a workshop on Project Unspeakableled by Randy Kehler, at the 90th anniversary of the War Resisters League. He wrote about his experience on FOR’s website (see the link above). The workshop included dramatic readings by participants of excerpts from the script, Project Unspeakable. Ethan writes, […]

Script Progress

The heart and soul of Project Unspeakable is the actual theatrical script that’s being written by project director and theater wizard Court Dorsey. Prominent author and researcher Jim Douglass and the accomplished playwright Steve Wangh, who was an associate writer of the Laramie Project play are providing advice and assistance.We have had three informal readings […]

Readings & Performances Update

We’ve been sending out our project description to potentially interested activist, theater, religious, and educational groups and individuals all over the country, encouraging them to consider organizing readings or performances of the Project Unspeakable play in their communities and also to help us spread the word. Already we’ve received many encouraging responses from folks who […]