Script Progress

The heart and soul of Project Unspeakable is the actual theatrical script that’s being written by project director and theater wizard Court Dorsey. Prominent author and researcher Jim Douglass and the accomplished playwright Steve Wangh, who was an associate writer of the Laramie Project play are providing advice and assistance.We have had three informal readings of drafts, of the first act on July 5, the second (and final act) on July 22 and on August 12 an informal reading of both acts together.  The purpose of these readings was to give Court a chance to hear what the script sounds like and also to hear the reactions of the readers.

The dozen or so readers were excited and impressed with what they read and heard, and were able to offer helpful feedback.   In early September , we will send out preliminary materials to all those who have expressed interest in doing a reading or performance of the play.  The final script will be ready to send out by mid-September.

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