‘Powerful …Thrilled … Inspiring’ – Reviews of 11/22 Readings

“Excellent, powerful play. Disturbing. Great piecing together of quotes about the national security state and the assassinations.” Santa Cruz, CA Redwood Nonviolence Community private living room reading

“It was so powerful that it set my mind bursting with wanting to share the words and quotes from this inspiring presentation.” Audience member, School of the Americas

“Very good to read it in company. Very good to speak it aloud rather than read it silently.” Bowditch School, Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA living room reading

“The conversation afterwards was the best part of the reading. The audience wanted to honestly discuss their thoughts, reservations, etc., and they were excited to have a forum to share. ” Critical Point Theater, Virginia Tech campus, public reading

“It was a beautiful way to bring all ages and a variety of people, who live in the same city, together to do something constructive — to tell this story that must be told.  Now those readers want to host their own readings in the coming days and months.”  Iya Bush-Olatunji, a long-time personal friend of Malcolm X and his wife, Betty Shabazz, on the reading she and her daughter hosted in Brooklyn, NY.

“We are thrilled with what unfolded last night, both in the quality of the presentation and by the huge and raptly attentive audience. Each one our cast members gave it everything they had and more, probably responding to the energy of the audience in a lovely symbiosis. We had great material to work with, and I agree indeed that people are hungry for some honesty in this time of JFK hoopla and dissembling. ” Leverett, MA Peace Commission, public reading

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