After Your Event

After the event, please submit a Post-Event Form to Project Unspeakable to let us know how it went.  We’d really appreciate copies of any of your publicity and documentation with the event – and your comments are very important in our script development and outreach efforts.

Also, in accordance with your agreement/notification regarding use of the script, please send us any donations or portions of ticket fees (see Use of Script).

Other post-event ideas:

• If you haven’t already done so, post and publicize what happened, encouraging others to read the script and organize their own readings.
• Organize a discussion around the themes of the play, or even a book or study group to look at particular themes
• Create an opportunity for artistic responses to the play (spoken word, writing, music, theater, etc.)
• Tell your family, friends, colleagues and other contacts about the event, and encourage them to get involved
• Show your support for the script, and help us continue our outreach work by donating to Project Unspeakable.