A Message from Marlene Buchanan, Project Unspeakable Outreach Associate

Hello, I’m Marlene.  Upon reading this quote from “The New Human Revolution” in my monthly Living Buddhism magazine, I immediately felt that it was some wonderful workings of the universe that led me to Project Unspeakable. My involvement in this excellent and timely project means I am no longer sitting idly by while great lies and even greater ills are heaped upon the ordinary citizen of this nation by those who hide behind shadowy government and corporate doors. I can and am taking action, and am determined to do more to enable other people to read or hear the Project Unspeakable script, draw their own conclusions and take action in their own communities. The script is such a must-read; it opened my eyes to a great many facts pertaining to the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy that have been missing from public scrutiny for decades. Our website has information on accessing a script, and please contact us if you want to do a reading in your community.

Daisaku Ikeda

Daisaku Ikeda

“… Apathy towards politics is as dangerous as merely watching while a tiger is set loose on the streets. That is why it is critical for citizens to keep a sharp eye on government for the sake of their own welfare and that of society as a whole… When the national aim is to become an economic power, only those who can contribute to economic prosperity are considered valuable resources. In that scenario, people are measured and mercilessly judged on the basis of their contribution to the pursuit of profit.”

– from “The New Human Revolution” (Volume 26, Chapter 3) by Daisaku Ikeda, President, Soka Gakkai International (Nichiren Buddhist lay organization)

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